At Terrell & Associates, we are here to help you and your spouse transition into retirement life. Whether you want to retire early, to just slow down, or to work throughout your retirement, our advisors will help you build a plan to help you achieve your goals with confidence. 


Our advisors will help you develop a retirement plan that is focused on your short and long term goals and can help structure a retirement income stream to protect your lifestyle.  We will work with you to identify all sources of income including Social Security, pensions or other retirement accounts.  In addition, we'll examine future expenses -- such as healthcare or long-term care for you and your spouse.  During the entire process, we'll keep a focus on tax management as part of your plan.  (Nobody wants to pay the IRS any more than they have to!)



Wealth transfer planning can also be a part of the retirement conversation. We work with you to develop a tax-efficient estate plan to ensure your legacy will continue into the next generation.

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